Think big


Sometimes, you buy something just to make you giggle. We’re not sure why oversized, everyday items are so amusing, but these too-big trinkets at will definitely put a smile on your face.

In general, GreatBigStuff’s products are for artwork and display purposes, although some items are actually functional. The 28-inch ice cream cones ($39-$44) come in either coin bank or lamp form. The 7-inch tall LEGO block ($18-$40) opens up to allow for toy storage space. Earbud iPhone headphones ($50) that are 500 times the original size serve as actual speakers, but look just like the tiny version.

Others are just for fun. A giant 52-inch crayon ($50) would look great in a teacher’s classroom, and a few 6-by-5-inch Scrabble letter tiles ($7) would look adorable in a kids’ bedroom. Next time you’re looking for home décor, a unique birthday gift or just something to cheer someone up, think big! 



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