The Okee Dokees Brothers’ Excellent Adventure


The Okee Dokees Brothers’ CD/DVD Can You Canoe chronicles the duo’s canoe trip down the Mississippi River. Its a treasure for traditional folk and family music fans alike. This adventure led to some wonderful music.

“Mr. & Mrs. Sippy” makes spelling and geography points with an old-timey tuba beat. Wordplay about “Broadway tickets to see a chorus line of crickets” makes “Bullfrog Opera” a delightful salute to Manhattan using clever rural analogies. “Rosita” is a love song to a mosquito inspired by the voyage’s insect bites.

The Okee Dokees make traditional songs (“King Kong Kitchie”) sound fresh, not rehashed. Maybe it’s the sincerity of their delivery. Maybe it’s the clarity of sound.

Both the CD and the DVD stand on their own, but together it’s a multilayered experience for the whole family.

Can You Canoe DVD trailer

Song: “Pancake Smackdown”

Gustafer Yellowgold (aka Morgan Taylor) entertains both family music and jam band fans. "Pancake Smackdown," a seemingly simple release from his latest DVD, Year in the Day, illustrates that appeal. “Wise man said ‘evil grows’ and the dough circle knows” is not your typical kid lyric.

"Pancake Smackdown" video

Justin Roberts and the Not-Ready-for-Naptime Band Concert: Justin Roberts

Mid-May provides two chances to enjoy family music’s brightest star. Justin Roberts and the Not-Ready-for-Naptime Band bring their delightful mix of music, props and comedy to the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ on May 12 and to World Café Live at the Queen in Wilmington, DE on May 13.

Justin Roberts, "Obsessed by Trucks"

"Justin Roberts, Stay at Home Dad

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