Meet Our CoverKid: Duncan K.


This month’s CoverKid, Duncan K. of Holland, PA, is a thoughtful and curious two-year-old with a zest for “art, coloring, painting, bubbles, trucks, balls, giving hugs, helping his Mommy cook, playing in his tubby and pretty girls,” says his mother, Shannon.

He loves to play with his two cats, Ollie and Penny. “Cats are definitely Duncan’s favorite animal,” says Shannon.

Some might say he is a foodie in the making. “Duncan loves eating almost anything you put in front of him,” Shannon says. “His favorite foods include any and all fruit, graham crackers, green peas, popsicles and most recently, birthday cake!”

Though still growing, Duncan has developed many talents in his young life.

“Duncan is an amazing artist,” Shannon shares. “He loves being creative with paint, crayons, markers and exploring other media. He is also very good at being adorable and making his parents the happiest and proudest people ever!  He has a great throwing arm and can toss a ball up in the air and catch it.”

He doesn’t watch much television, indulging only in the occasional Sesame Street episode; rather, he enjoys playing at school with his friends. But, mom beams, “when asked who is favorite friend is, he responds, ‘Mommy best friend!’”

Duncan has big plans for the future, too—literally. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he answers, “Tall.”


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