Kids Can Brush up on Birds at the New John James Audubon Center Museum


John James Audubon dedicated his life to studying and documenting the incredible spectrum of American birds and their natural habitats. Beginning in June, visitors to Audubon’s former Montgomery County estate will be able to immerse themselves into the world of birds and the conservation movement Audubon inspired with a new interactive destination.

The brand new 18,000-square-foot John James Audubon Center museum at Mill Grove, a Montgomery County historic site, provides experiences to engage with the natural world of birds and connect with Audubon — the man, the organization and the mission — through the use of both modern technology, interactive experiences, and historic artifacts.


Bird Banding at John James Audubon Center Museum



Each visitor will receive a colored wristband, representing a specific bird and simulating the process of Bird Banding in migration research. Throughout the exhibits, follow your bird to learn specific traits and characteristics. 


WOW Birds!

Explore the beauty, variety, sounds and songs, graceful flight, and presence of birds along the Atlantic Flyway. Immerse yourself in the Sound Forest to experience bird songs in different habitats. Take a close look at feathers and nests and learn why not all eggs are shaped the same. Take Flight as you discover how birds’ wings work and trace the migration patterns of your favorite flock via a digital flyway map.

Conservation StoriesConservation Stories at John James Audubon Center Museum

Learn how the organization that bears the artist’s name — National Audubon Society — has become synonymous with bird conservation throughout the Americas. Exhibits about the Seabird Restoration Program and Project Puffin illustrate Audubon’s pioneering work in saving and conserving rare and endangered species.

Drawn From Nature

John Audubon was dedicated to painting every bird in North America, resulting in the now world-renowned body of work of 435 images known as The Birds of America. Visitors can view one of the few surviving first editions of The Birds of America and a life-size digital version will captivate guests as they browse featured species.

Fledgling Trail

This outdoor installation is a playful take on a bird’s life from egg to flight. Children of all ages can experience simulated milestones for a baby bird. From “hatching” out of an oversized egg to feeling the sway of a “tree” and the first “flight,” visitors will discover the steps that a baby bird must take to successfully leave the nest. The Fledgling Trail will also include a sensory garden and ADA-accessible play areas. ​

The John James Audubon Center museum was funded by Montgomery County in partnership with the National Audubon Society. Learn more at

1201 Pawlings Road

Audubon, PA 19403



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