It's the Little Things


In which I channel my inner Tevya.

In sharing her new gig as a writer for Hallmark (you go girl!) Dresden asked about the little moments in life.  After reading about hers, I started to feel a case of the Mommy Guilts coming on. I can share stories of Pop from when she was a baby; how she would say something so cute and precocious that the family would laugh and giggle and repeat the story so much that it soon became a "thing." When I had The Bee I thought that I would enjoy the same experiences but the first few years were spent with me being so down and depressed that other than faint snatches, I can barely remember anything about her.

Not going there to that time of woe…

Because I feel this way, I think I am very conscious of the time we spend together now and have been trying to balance the big deals in life, the birthdays, the holidays, the supposed to make big deals out ofs, with just that quiet fleeting time that makes our days just seem great. This new school year has been really rough for both of  us. Yes, it's winter and chronologically speaking we should be with the program but we're not. Its been rough. Everything from The Bee with me for the majority of the week, the type of homework she gets, back and forth with mom…Ai Yi Yi!

A Perfect Time

Friday we stayed home from work and school and just spent the day together. The Bee wasn't feeling well; truthfully we were both kind of run down and I made an executive decision to reschedule my work for the next day and keep her home. The day was relaxed. We slept and snoozed, chatted about school, ate a long and lazy brunch and watched some trashy TV. Yarn things and books and as well as the science kit we finally busted open and this was one of those days that I like to think of as just perfect.

When The Bee was little I so often wanted her to be older, bigger, and now that she is I find myself waiting for the perfect time. The unexpected day off and just doing made for the perfect time. I've been trying to be more mindful of just doing instead of waiting for the perfect situation and there are times when it just works and times when womp womp womp wompppppp.

Today we were running late again. As we rushed out of the house, I found that inside voice berating me for not being ready but had a moment as The Bee calmly held the door for me, shooed the cat back inside, and made sure I had my lunch. As she skipped to the car I smiled, thankful for such a great moment and for having such a great kid.

Enjoy your little ones. The moments and the kids.

Rachée Fagg is a Delaware County, PA mom. This post was adapted from her blog, Say It Rah-shay.


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