Ideas for Moms' Night Out Fun


The oldies stations still play Cyndi Lauper belting out the lyrics, “When the working day is done, Oh, girls, They wanna have fu-un.”

Some things don’t change. After a day of diapers, carpools and homework, the girl in each of us still enjoys a break and a night of fun with her chick friends.

A Mom’s Night Out can be as simple asgrabbing dinner and a movie together or as elaborate as a slumber party weekend. Gather your girlfriends, check out these ideas and enjoy some good times.

Watch a chick flick.

If there’s something “girlie” playing, head to your local cinema. If nothing looks good on the silver screen, don’t hesitate to make it a movie night at home. Sequester your hubby and kids elsewhere, or better yet, head to an empty nest. 

Obviously, Jane Austen films rank at the top of the list.  Other movies to consider include Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Titanic, Steel Magnolias, The Women or When Harry Met Sally.

Enjoy dinner in a grownup restaurant.

Spend an evening at a nice restaurant with the girls.

Consider trying someplace your hubby or kids might be hesitant to visit. Create a birthday club with your friends and take the birthday girl out for a free dinner.

Get crafty.

Ceramics studios are fun shops that usually charge a fee plus the price of a pottery item you choose to paint. The staff will glaze and fire it for you, usually for a later pickup date. Many studios offer group rates and special features for ladies’ nights.

For example, All Fired Up! in Collingswood, NJ features a monthly themed “Diva Night.” This month, it’s an Aug. 16 Jimmy Buffett Night that features $1 per minute massages, free food, a prize wheel and, of course, pottery-making, says co-owner Kim O’Brien.

Mosaic shops are also gaining in popularity. Or you might choose to get together for an evening of scrapbooks, snacks and socializing.

Get cookin’. 

Spend an evening preparing good food with girlfriends. If not at someone’s home, try visiting one of the growing number of meal prep kitchens. You can search for a kitchen near you.

Hold your own swap meet.

“Sometimes we have ‘refreshing beverages’ and then have a super fun Trading Party,” says Christina Gamber of New Castle, DE. “It’s like a night out shopping but without spending money.”

Head for the casino — or not.

“Whether we are at each others homes or spending the night at Parx Casino, wealways have fun. It’s always nice to get together alone!” says Katie Dugan of Trevose, PA.

Have a slumber party.

Grab the girls, choose a destination, secure the hubby for kid duty and have a little slumber party. If hotels aren’t in the budget, arrange a time when the kids and your husband can go to Gramma’s or on a camping trip and plan a sleepover at home. Stay up all night, eat “chick food” and have a blast.

So check out your calendar, call a few friends, and girls, go have fun!

Jessica Fisher is a wife, mother of six and freelance writer.


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