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A girl holding her elbow. She is wearing a grey plaid dress.

Rare Disease Day: What Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Is (And Isn’t)

Flexibility is usually described as a positive trait in children. They might be able to do party tricks like bend their pinky backwards or...
A boy who has a disability playing with toys.

Disability Resources in the Delaware Valley

These resources are highlights from our disability resources directory which can be found in our digital issue, here.   Charities & Foundations FACES 4 Autism 2900 Fire Road Egg...
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How to Help (and Not Help) With a Stutter

Ways for parents to help their children articulate their thoughts if they have stuttering problems.

Preventing Abuse of Your Special Needs Child

Children with developmental disabilities are at increased risk for abuse. Here's what you can do to prevent it.

Weighted Blankets for Kids: Do They Help Them Sleep?

Parents of children with autism, ADHD and other special needs have turned to gravity blankets as a sleep aid. A pediatrician urges caution.

Local Charter Schools Serve LD Students

Tips on how to go about selecting the best charter school for your child with a learning difference.

Start a Business to Help Your Special Needs Child Get Work Experience

These parents started businesses to provide work experience for their special-needs children.

How Recent Supreme Court Ruling Will Impact Special Education Laws

Update: A federal judge ruled that the school district in this case must reimburse the parents for the cost of private school.

Down Syndrome Myths and Facts

Clearing up the myths surrounding Down syndrome.

Beyond Learning Differences

If you suspect your child has a learning difference, the best place to start is by seeking the opinion of a medical or educational professional.