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The Faces of SPD

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Children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) have trouble appropriately processing and integrating messages from their senses. Everyday sounds and textures can cause them distress. Scratchy tags or the feel of shirt cuffs can make them cry.

Some children with SPD constantly seek sensory stimuli and bounce, clap or spin repetitively. Research suggests that at least one in 20 people may be affected by sensory processing disorder.

Article: SPD — a starkly real condition lacks recognition as a diagnosis.

Photographer Brian Mengini of Phoenixville, PA, specializes in the arts, but his journalistic projects have included Empowered ME, a series dedicated to those battling cancer. He has created a series of portraits of children who have SPD, as does his son. The photographs in this collection counter the tendecy to label children by their disabilities when they are, first and foremost, kids. The Faces of SPD are the faces of children.

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The Faces of SPD

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