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Saint Katherine Day School

  • Education

Essential Information

930 Bowman Ave.
Wynnewood, PA 19096


Serves students with cognitive challenges in a life skills program. Some students have also have both cognitive & physical disabilities. Upper school: 211 Matson Ford Rd., Radnor, PA 19087

Additional Information

Website: http://www.stkatherinedayschool.org

Disabilities Served:
Cerebral palsy
Developmental disability / MR
Learning disability / ADHD
Muscular dystrophy

County: Montgomery

Location (state-county):

Enrollment: 100

Grades or ages of school: Ages 4 1/2-21

Staff:student ratio: 1:7

Paid Blurb 2015-2016: no

Paid Blurb 2016-2017: no

Update 2015-16: no

Update 2016-17: no

Transportation provided: no

Tuition structure (% FAPE reimbursement/financial aid offered, etc.): $6,800-$7,800

Tuition structure: Financial aid offered

Learning strategies/therapies utilized: life skills program including functional academics and vocational training

Support services:
Music therapy
Occupational therapy
Physical therapy
Speech therapy

Vocational/life skills: Vocational training

Extracurriculars offered: sensory room, Best Buddies, Practical Assessment Exploration System

Paid Blurb 2016: no