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Our Lady of Confidence Day School

  • Education

Essential Information

314 N. Easton Rd.
Willow Grove, PA 19090


Special education program includes life skills & functional academics.

Additional Information

Website: http://www.ourladyofconfidence.org

Disabilities Served:
Developmental disability / MR
Learning disability / ADHD
Pervasive development disorder

County: Montgomery

Location (state-county): PA-Montgomery

Services Offered:
Support Groups
Vocational Training

Enrollment: 80

Grades or ages of school: Ages 3-21

Paid Blurb 2015-2016: no

Update 2015-16: no

Transportation provided: yes

Tuition structure (% FAPE reimbursement/financial aid offered, etc.): $13,000.00; scholarships available

Adaptive tech used: nteractive Whiteboards, video streaming, educational websites, digital cameras, flip cameras, Luna Interactive cameras, Apple T.V.s and IPads

Learning strategies/therapies utilized: Customized to IEP

Extracurriculars offered: Classroom Life Skills instruction involves culinary, maintenance, and consumer education. Students develop clerical skills through an on going mailing, use of computers/IPads and implementation of appropriate social/work behaviors. Work Experience Program is a key component of our curriculum. Students work within the community in various locations. Presently students work in HolyRedeemerHospital, Provincialate and Thrift Store, Saint Mary Manor Continuing Care Facility and AncillaeAssumptaAcademy Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES Lab) is a curriculum that operates in a simulated work environment. Work procedures are followed so students get the feel of real work. The focus is on the students finding their interests and abilities. The areas accessed within the PAES Lab are: Business/Marketing Computer Technology Construction/Industrial Processing/Production Consumer/Service