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Mary A. Dobbins School

  • Education

Essential Information

243 Pine St.
Mount Holly, NJ 08060


Serves students with learning disabilities, behavioral problems, emotional disturbances.

Additional Information

Website: http://www.childrens-home.org

Disabilities Served:
Emotional/behavioral disorder
Learning disability / ADHD
Neurological impairment

County: Burlington

Location (state-county): NJ-Burlington

Offers residential program: yes

Services Offered: Vocational Training

Enrollment: 72

Grades or ages of school: Ages 8-21

Staff:student ratio: 1:5

Offers summer camp, program or school: yes

School's Approach: two aides assist teacher in every classroom

Paid Blurb 2015-2016: no

Paid Blurb 2016-2017: no

Update 2015-16: no

Update 2016-17: no

Transportation provided: no

Tuition structure: FAPE

Adaptive tech used: computer tech

Learning strategies/therapies utilized: Learning Center Model curriculum

Support services:
School nurse

Specific learning strategies, support services or vocational programs not listed above: Summer program

Paid Blurb 2016: no