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Hampton Academy

  • Education

Essential Information

108 Burrs Rd.
Mount Holly, NJ 14139


Serves students, grades 4-12, with a wide range of social, emotional, academic & behavioral challenges.

Additional Information

Website: http://www.hamptonacademy.com

Disabilities Served:
Asperger syndrome
Emotional/behavioral disorder
Learning disability / ADHD
Neurological impairment

County: Burlington

Location (state-county): NJ-Burlington

Services Offered: Vocational Training

Enrollment: 80

Grades or ages of school: Grades 4-12

Gender of students: coed

Offers summer camp, program or school: yes

School's Approach: Intensive counseling; specialized 45-day program for temporary out-of-school placement; art therapy on regular basis. Select students who complete an eligibility project have the opportunity to take courses at Burlington County Community College and receive both high school and college credits for successful course completion. Tuition, textbooks, transportation and support are provided by Hampton Academy, at no cost to families.

Update 2015-16: yes

Transportation provided: yes

Tuition structure (% FAPE reimbursement/financial aid offered, etc.): paid by school district

Learning strategies/therapies utilized: Community-Based Instruction (CBI) is sustained and repeated instruction that takes place in various community settings rather than in the classroom.

Support services/therapies offered: energy regulation and sensory therapy techniques, generalization, the Orton-Gillingham Reading Program and the development of strategies for self-regulation and transition.

Extracurriculars offered: trips, community activities, athletics, Battle of the Books, Math Super Bowl