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Green Tree School & Services

Scott D. Bluebond

  • Education, Medical, Professional Services, Special Support

Essential Information

1196 E. Washington Ln.
Philadelphia, PA 19138


Serving children with unique challenges and abilities and their families since 1957, Green Tree School & Services (GTSS) includes a licensed Approved Private School and licensed Outpatient Clinic, Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) and School Therapeutic Services (STS). It is located in the historic Germantown section and provides services throughout the greater Philadelphia area. GTSS serves individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), those who are identified as Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (SED), individuals with ADHD and other co-occurring psychiatric disabilities, as well as those with an Intellectual Disability. Please call GTSS at 215.866.0200 or visit Green Tree School & Services website at www.gts-s.org to learn more.

Additional Information

Website: http://www.gts-s.org

Phone 2: 215-346-7250 - Behavioral Health

Disabilities Served:
Emotional/behavioral disorder
Learning disability / ADHD
Pervasive development disorder

County: Philadelphia

Location (state-county): PA-Philadelphia

Services Offered:
Vocational Training

Enrollment: 120

Grades or ages of school: Ages 5-21

Gender of students: coed

Offers summer camp, program or school: yes

School's Approach: Every child should have the opportunity to learn academic, social, emotional, vocational and life skills needed to succeed.

Paid Blurb 2015-2016: no

Paid Blurb 2016-2017: no

Update 2015-16: yes

Update 2016-17: no

Transportation provided: no

Tuition structure (% FAPE reimbursement/financial aid offered, etc.): Green Tree School & Services is state funded; tuition is covered by local/referring school district(s) and there is no cost to families.

Tuition structure: FAPE

Adaptive tech used: Individualized, based on student needs - Speech therapist evaluation/program

Learning strategies/therapies utilized: Students are actively involved in their learning process by focusing on meta-cognitive awareness, compensatory strategies and appropriate accommodations. Direct instruction is augmented by up-to-date audiovisual and technology supports

Support services/therapies offered: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Work/Clinic, Positive Behavior Support; Individualized, Small and Whole Group Therapy

Support services:
Occupational therapy
Speech therapy

Extracurriculars offered: Transition/Vocational Program for high school age students which includes job readiness/preparation and post school success.

Extracurriculars offered: Art

Specific learning strategies, support services or vocational programs not listed above: physical education, Summer program

Paid Blurb 2016: no