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Delaware School for the Deaf

Map630 E. Chestnut Hill Rd.
Newark, DE 19713
  • Education


Center-based public school option under the umbrella of statewide programs for the deaf, hard of hearing & deaf-blind.

Additional Information:

Disabilities Served: Deaf / hard of hearing
Visual impairment / blind
County: New Castle
Location (state-county): DE
Offers residential program: yes
Services Offered: Bilingual Services
Enrollment: 110
Grades or ages of school: Grades K-12+
Staff:student ratio: 2:6; 2:7
Paid Blurb 2015-2016: no
Paid Blurb 2016-2017: no
Update 2015-16: no
Update 2016-17: no
Transportation provided: no
Tuition structure: FAPE
Learning strategies/therapies utilized: Bilingual ASL approach
Support services/therapies offered: paraprofessionals, school psychologists, an educational audiologist, educational interpreters, and residential advisors.
Support services: Counseling
School nurse
Speech therapy
Extracurriculars offered: weekly TV program, yearbook, basketballo, soccer, volleyball teams
Extracurriculars offered: Library
Specific learning strategies, support services or vocational programs not listed above: Residential
Paid Blurb 2016: no
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