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A 'Cheat Sheet' for the Teacher

A two-sided page can give special needs educators and therapists a quick reference to understand your child's disability and behavior.

3 Types of Special Needs Support

You can find insights and empathy online, in person or in groups for your child.

Preventing Heat Stress

Parents can help prevent dehydration and overheating in the hot months. Children with certain special needs are particularly vulnerable.

Your Extended School Year Rights

Our federal and state special education laws recognize that your child’s disability does not take a vacation. As a result, a school district’s obligation to provide qualified students with a Free and Appropriate Public Education doesn’t end in June.

A New Special Needs IDEA: Inform, Document, Enjoy and Accept

For parents of kids with special needs, IDEA spells 4 keys to success.

Special Needs Camps Empower Kids

Kids with special needs don’t have to miss out on the summer camp experience. Many camps are geared to specific disabilities. Others work hard to accommodate special needs.

The Best Activities for Special Needs

Experts in several special needs areas recommend especially beneficial extracurricular activities.

Big Wins for Special Needs

2009 was generally a good year for expanding the legal rights of children with special needs and their families.

Discipline and Disability

By law, schools can't expel students with disabilities if their behavior is the "manifestation of a disability" unless "special circumstances" are involved.

Do You Understand the Doc?

Specialists treating kids with special needs can be difficult to understand. These tips can help improve communications.

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