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How To Find Social Skills Support

Social practice for kids with autism spectrum disorders and other cognitive deficits can be hard to find. Here's where to look.

Build Positive School Relationships

Strong family-school relationships improve a child’s chance for success at school. This is especially true for special education.

5 Special Needs Vacation Ideas

When planning a vacation with a child who has special needs, begin months ahead and be prepared for false starts. These ideas can help.

Therapeutic Horse Riding Choices

For kids with special needs, riding is an enjoyable, educational activity that develops skills and builds friendships.

Beyond a Will and Trust, Leave Your Child a Special Needs Care Plan

By assembling this information, parents can give future care providers the knowledge and insight that they may need.

9 Special Needs iPhone Apps

For parents of children with disabilities, here are 9 iPhone apps that offer convenient capabilities in an easy-to-carry package.

2010 Special Needs Law Update

In a quiet year for special needs legislation, bullying became a national focus and two major laws marked anniversaries.

Choosing Toys for Special Needs

Here's how to choose gifts that promote lifelong motor, language, cognitive and social skills.

Is Private School the Answer?

For kids with special needs, receiving independent school tuition hinges on wheher the home district can provide an apppropriate education.

Are You Ready for an IEP Update?

The beginning of the school year is a good time for a review of your child's IEP. You can establish goals for the school year and meet new members of your child’s education team.

A 'Cheat Sheet' for the Teacher

A two-sided page can give special needs educators and therapists a quick reference to understand your child's disability and behavior.

3 Types of Special Needs Support

You can find insights and empathy online, in person or in groups for your child.

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