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How to Help Your Child With Special Needs

Here are ways to comfort and entertain children with special needs during what can be a frightening time.

Resources for Parents of Children With Special Needs

What are schools required to do for students with special needs during a shutdown? Special Education Advocate Lisa Lightner has put together this guide.

Field Trips for All Students

Advice for parents of students with disabilities to avoid exclusion on field trips.

How to Help (and Not Help) With a Stutter

Ways for parents to help their children articulate their thoughts if they have stuttering problems.

Support for Siblings of Children With Special Needs

The sisters and brothers of a child with special needs may feel protective, fearful, or even jealous.

Pennsylvania Farm Show Tips for Families

The 2020 PA Farm Show starts this weekend. Here's what you need to know if you want to take the kids.

Signs of Learning Disabilities in Pre-K Kids

Developmental challenges can be spotted in children at a young age and early intervention is important.

How to Get Your Child With ADHD to Focus

How to get an ADHD daydreamer to focus

What's the Difference Between a Therapy Dog, Service Dog and Emotional Support Animal?

Therapy, service and emotional support dogs all help their owners, but not all of them are allowed on planes or inside public buildings.

Adaptive Clothing That Helps Kids Fit In

Local businesses that offer sensory friendly and adaptive clothing for kids have been joined by major retailers recently.

Eagles Open Sensory Room at Lincoln Financial Field

Children with autism will be able to use the room, which opened earlier this week, during Eagles games. It is believed to be one of the first at a pro sports facility.

Preventing Abuse of Your Special Needs Child

Children with developmental disabilities are at increased risk for abuse. Here's what you can do to prevent it.

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