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Managing an Autism Diagnosis

Here's how parents can manage their child's autism treatment plan and seek adjustments when they seem to be needed.

Autism Cases Are Up 78% since 2007

The CDC says an estimated 1 in 88 children have autism spectrum disorders, which are nearly five times more common among boys.

New Autism Label Would Eliminate Asperger Syndrome and PDD-NOS

A single diagnosis — autism spectrum disorder — would incorporate all categories. Fewer individuals may qualify.

Kid Athletes and Asperger Syndrome

Shonda and Curt Schilling talk about their son Grant's sports experiences.

Autism's Early Warning Signs

The sooner a child gets treatment, the better the outcome is likely to be.

Behavior Management and Autism

Kids with autism who act out often receive behavior plans, but children who internalize their issues need them too.

Social and Emotional Intelligence

For children with autism, teaching non-IQ skills must be a priority.

Journey to Independence

Here's how to help children with autism become capable, self-confident adults.

Put Sleep Issues To Rest

Children's sleep issues associated with autism and ADHD can be vexing. Here's how to put them to rest.

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