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DIY Home Décor for the Holidays

Quick and easy crafts for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas

DIY holiday decorations have never been easier. For crafty kids, the pinecone turkey, clay dreidel or popcorn garland is a been-there, done-that proposition. Inspire their creativity with impressive (yet easy) must-makes that whip up quickly and welcome the season of celebrations in style. After you work your way through these decorations, check out other ideas we love on our Pinterest page.

Thanksgiving wreath

Untwist a wire hanger and shape it into a circle, coiling the ends around one another. Cut a bunch of 7-inch strips of felt, ribbon and/or fabric in a palette of autumnal shades, then densely knot these strips around the hanger. (Shelterness.com)

Thanksgiving gourds and glitter votives

A single creative concept yields diverse decoration options. For Thanksgiving, wrap a strip of double-sided tape around the gourd of your choice, then roll the surface in a textural grain (think lentils, bulgar, split peas, wild rice). (Duvallevents.comFor Hanukkah or Christmas, squeeze a band of glue around votive candle holders and use blue and silver or green, gold and red glitter instead of grains. (Thebusybudgetingmama.com

Hanukkah mobile

A pair of pliable pipe cleaners folded into triangles and woven together form Stars of David. String up eight, one for each night, for a cheerful Hanukkah mobile. (Here are the folding directions from Spoonful.com: Fold each pipe cleaner into thirds to form a triangle. Hold one triangle (A) in your left hand and the other (B) in your right hand so that the tops point toward each other. Weave the top of A down through the center of B, and the top of B up through the center of A. Next, tuck the point of A under the base of B, and slip the point of B over the base of A.)

Kwanzaa "candle" hangings

Depict the seven principles of Kwanzaa, each with a Swahili name and corresponding color, by gluing letter beads onto painted craft cubes. Yellow oval beads top each column, lending a candle-flame appearance. (Spoonful.com) The seven principles of Kwanzaa and their colors are:

  • Umoja (unity): black
  • Kujichagulia (self-determination): red
  • Ujima (collective work and responsibility): green
  • Ujamaa (cooperative economics): red
  • Nia (purpose): green
  • Kuumba (creativity): red
  • Imani (faith): green

Popsicle stick snowflakes

These striking Craftsman-inspired snowflakes are merely popsicle sticks glued together in jumbo geometric shapes, then spray-painted. (Pinterest.com)

Twig cord balls

Rustic and festive, these hanging ornaments are deceptively easy to make. Dip cord in glue, then wrap the length around an inflated balloon. When the string is dry, pop and remove the balloon, then spray-paint the sphere any color you like. (Rugged-life.com)

Icicle trees and branches

Bring the winter wonderland indoors: Spray tree branches with Aleenes Tacky Glue and pressing acrylic icicles or Colorfill Diamond Vase Filler to the sticky sticks. Arrange the sparkly branches in a vase filled with pinecones and white lights.

MetroKids coop intern and Drexel University communications student Brittany E. Hair compiled the crafts for this article.

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