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2012 NAPPA Awards: Games

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Infants Age 6
Age 3 Age 9
Age 4 All ages


Roll & Play™
ThinkFun Inc., infants-age 2, $19.99
Silver Winner
Why the judges liked it: This sweet and simple game, made specifically for toddlers, is designed for parents and children to play together. Roll & Play gently introduces play patterns and promotes bonding while encouraging creativity, active play, and basic motor skills.
• Teaches simple skills: body parts, emotions, colors, etc.
• Nice focus for baby and parents
• Easy game set up, easy rules BUY IT

Age 3

Willy's Wiggly Web
Peaceable Kingdom, ages 3-8, $20
Gold Winner
Why the judges liked it: Learning to use scissors has never been so fun! As a group, players make cuts in the paper web to release trapped bugs while trying to make sure Willy doesn’t wiggle and fall. Use the cards to pass the scissors different directions or to swap seats in this multilevel game.
• Teaches: left and right, using scissors
• Quick to assemble and disassemble the towering web
• 3 levels of cooperative play BUY IT

Elephant's Trunk
Gamewright, ages 3 & up, $14.99
Silver Winner
Why the judges liked it: Be the first to pack up all of Emmet’s clothes and he might just take you with him on vacation! Darling tin trunks (suitcases) and story of Emmet the elephant being late for a trip is charming.
• Teaches colors and counting
• Cute storyline Imaginative play BUY IT

Identity Games International USA, ages 3 & up, $59.99
Gold Winner
Why the judges liked it: Specifically designed for use with an iPad, different game boards and play scenarios come alive with animation and sound. Easily download the free app, and it teaches you how to play. Never the same game twice!
• Learn facts through video clips and questions
• Even the parts of the game board that aren’t on the iPad come to life
• Some aspects of ipad play are just plain fun. BUY IT

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Age 4

Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Who Shook Hook?

Wonder Forge, ages 4 & up., $19.99
Honors Winner
Why the judges liked it: Captain Hook is snoozing in his hammock, surrounded by all the treasure he's nabbed from Jake and the pirates. Steady! You need to grab the loot without sending Captain Hook tumbling into the water where Tick Tock Croc awaits.
• Practice coordination
• Silly balancing game is quick to learn
• Encourages imagination through story BUY IT

Age 6

PathWords™ Jr.
The “Tetris Meets Word Search” Puzzle for Young Players, ThinkFun Inc., ages 6-8, $19.99
Gold Winner
Why the judges liked it: Single Player Tetris™ teams up with Word Search in this unique puzzle. Kids flex their spatial reasoning, vocabulary and logic skills as they work their way through 40 fun, themed challenges.
• Build reading and vocabulary skills
• Develop spatial recognition
• Make word associations BUY IT

Smart Toys and games/KEH Communications, ages 6 & up, $19.99
Silver Winner
Why the judges liked it: Help mermaids keep watch over the seas and catch dangerous fish in the bubbles! Well-made plastic parts are nice to touch. One or more players must think through provided challenges in order to solve them in this limitlessly puzzling game.
• Play levels range from Starter/Junior to Master
• Develops strategic planning skills
• Puzzle and game – easily played by just one player BUY IT

Gamewright, ages 6 & up, $7.99
Gold Winner
Why the judges liked it: Add little-bitty cards to a grid, making sure that color, shape and number are either all the same or all different across the line. As the grid expands, so do the possibilities. Pocket-sized, go-along game; easy to play on any table anywhere. Quote: (43-year-old woman) “Can I take this home with me? I want this game.”
• Entire game fits in the palm of your hand
• Sophisticated play pattern engages all ages
• Takes only 20 minutes to play, but you’ll want to play again BUY IT

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Age 9

Gamewright, ages 9 & up, $9.99
Gold Winner
Why the judges liked it: What comes in a box, fits inside a blender, and will make you laugh? Name an object that fits the attributes on your cards and then play them to the grid. Use your creativity and you’re fit to win!
• Compact size goes everywhere.
• Play with any number of players – great for big groups
• Lots of content BUY IT

All Ages

Shrimp Cocktail
Blue Orange Games, all ages, $14.99
Honors Winner
Why the judges liked it: Keep your eyes peeled as you search the seas for shrimp that share any of four characteristics: color, origin, quantity and size. Be the first to find a match and squeeze the starfish to claim your catch.
• Develop quick observation skills
• Compact tin box
• Quick play with virtually no set-up BUY IT

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