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Make the Most of Your Visit

Coloring at The Crayola Factory

Consider the advice of these educators to make the experience at an art museum most enjoyable for your kids.

Browse the museum’s website together before your visit in search of works of art you’ll see. [At the museum,] take note of what your child is looking at in the galleries and let that guide your Museum experience. Ask questions. What are your child’s likes and dislikes? Encourage them to express themselves and use their imagination. Create games you can do together, such as “I Spy.” — Saralyn Rosenfield, Studio & Family Programs Manager, Delaware Art Museum

Don’t rush the kids when they are working on projects. They really enjoy the environment to be creative and if you allow enough time, they won’t miss out on anything. — Susan Kiefner, Brand Experience Supervisor, The Crayola Factory

Have a conversation about what you’re seeing and engage each child at his or her own age level. Look at a painting and ask children to describe three things they like about it…. Plan to visit the museum for a reasonable amount of time — short visits are okay! — and snack breaks are good for kids of all ages. — Emily Schreiner, Manager of Family and Children’s Programs, Philadelphia Museum of Art

[Ask your kids] to look for familiar colors, shapes or patterns in the artwork, or even to create an imaginary story that the artwork is telling. This engagement will spark a child’s creativity and make them excited about their museum adventure. — Cassandra E. Demski, Curator of
Education, Grounds for Sculpture

It is fun for children to have a “museum bag,” filled with a sketchbook, a pencil and a pencil sharpener. Sitting quietly in a gallery and drawing is a pleasant way for children to experience the museum. Parents can bring a sketchbook as well. — Ruth Anderson, Director of Youth and Family Programs, Michener Art Museum

After the trip, encourage children to speak about their favorite works of art. Children might draw their own versions of the paintings they liked best. — Mary Cronin, Supervisor of Education, Brandywine River Museum

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