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Kids Music: Grammy Nominations

Kids Corner host Kathy O'Connell weighs in on the nominees.

The Pop Ups

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This year’s Grammy Award nominations for Best Recording for Children have me dancing over nods to four albums among my “Best of 2014.”  There’s musical excellence in this collection of 
’80s pop, hip-hop, rock and folk for kids. Each album has layers of meaning and wordplay that stand up to repeated listening. 

The Pop UpsAppetite for Construction uses ’80s-style pop to honor creativity, from paper (“Pictures Making Pictures”) to art’s aftermath (“Glitter Everywhere”) to dress as a form of expression. Lyrics like “it's OK to try things on to see how it feels” in “Costume Party” have power. It’s the “William’s Doll” of this generation. 

"Costume Party," The Pop Ups

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo’s The Perfect Quirk is a rhythmic, literate celebration of everybody’s weirdness. From the first declaration that “You’re It,” this is a wonderful mix of musical styles and Skidoo’s imagery. His “Imaginary Friend” goes from klezmer to sea shanty in one brilliant tune. “Pillow Fort Pillow Fight” is sleepover dance music. “Guess What” (“everybody messes up”) describes friends who “stick together like letters in cursive.”

"Pillow Fort Pillow Fight," Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

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