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Who Spends the Most on Christmas?

Philly shoppers plan to spend about $1,400 this year, which is around the national average.

Map of planned holiday spending for 2019 from Deloitte annual survey.

When it comes to Christmas splurging, Philadelphia-area shoppers plan to spend about $1,426, which is just under the national average.

Westerners say they will spend the most this year — $1,539 — Midwesterners the least — $1,329, according to Deloitte's annual survey of holiday spending.

Not all of that holiday spending is on gifts. In fact $510 will go to parties, eating out, and travel, local shoppers told Deloitte. Gifts only account for about a third of the holiday budget, which works out to about $500 here. We will spend another $422 on clothes for the family, so we can don our gay apparel, and decorating the house.

Local shoppers plan to spend as much this year as last year, mirroring the national mood pretty closely, even though the view of the economy has dimmed. Nationally, 44 percent of those surveyed said they expected the economy to worsen next year, compared to 26 percent who thought this year was going to be worse. 

Fewer shopping days this year

You probably already did the math to figure out there are fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you didn't start yet, relax. Here's your silver lining: The earlier you start shopping, the more you spend, the survey said.

Sixty percent of Philadelphia-area shoppers say they start shopping before Thanksgiving and they spend an average of $1,588. Those who wait until after Thanksgiving spend $1,182.

We guess whether you prefer free shipping or fast shipping depends on whether you're one of those last-minute shoppers or an early bird. According to Deloitte, the majoriity of Philadelphia-area online shoppers want that free shipping and are willing to wait as long as a week for it. In fact, we'd take free shipping (78 percent) over a sale price (77 percent).

The fast-shipping fans want it now — or at least within two days.


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