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A Brilliant, Wacky Kids' Music Debut

Jamband darling Keller Williams jumps with both feet into family music with the release of his new CD, Kids.

The Top 10 Kids' CDs of 2010

Justin Roberts is the McCartney of children's music. His grammy-worthy CD Jungle Gym holds together brilliantly.

Scary Disney Oldies in New CD

Disney Villains: Simply Sinister Songs recycles tunes from a wealth of musical legends.

Good Kids Music for Worthy Causes

As natural helpers, kids will be drawn to a pair of CD projects created in response to specific challenges: the earthquake in Haiti and America’s obesity epidemic.

Kids' Music: A Twang-Tastic Treat

The Okee Dokee Brothers achieve excellence with Take It Outside.

Groovin' to Kids' Exercise Music

Jump for joy with these selections and suggestions.

Justin Roberts: Songwriting Magic

He's a name in kids’ music who can be trusted to create something wonderful. The new Jungle Gym CD is no exception.

Great Production Lifts Twangy CD

Kids' music reviews include Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem's Ranky Tanky and Uncle Rock's The Big Picture.

Music with Earth-Friendly Messages

Kids want to be caretakers of their planet, and they get excited about music that encourages good environmental practices. Here are some good choices.

Share What You Love!

Lullabies plow common ground for new parents and their babies. You can sample these lullabies and stress-busters online.

A Winner from Yosi & the Superdads

Kathy O'Connell recommends kids' music from Yosi & the Superdads, Rocknocerous and The Hipwaders' CD Goodie Bag.

Life and Science Lessons

Kathy O'Connell recommends kids' CDs by Mr. Ray and They Might Be Giants.