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Summer Bites and Stings

Here's how to manage summer itches and ouches — and when you should get help.

Asthma: The Focus Is on Control

With no single cause to pursue for a cure, in recent years the medical emphasis has been on controlling asthma. Here's what parents need to know.

What To Do in a First Aid Emergency

You can cope best by staying calm, calling for help and gathering information.

Tanning Beds: Just Say No

Increased use of tanning beds by teenagers has contributed to a sharp rise in melanoma rates in young people, often unaware of the long-term consequences of increased skin cancer risk and premature aging.

Are Your Kids Begging for Braces?

Thanks to a variety of high-tech and trendy options now available, parents may be surprised to find their kids begging for braces.

Should you insist on a flu shot without mercury?

Pediatrician Robert W. Sears, MD, discusses the pros and cons of giving flu shots preserved with mercury compounds to young children.

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