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What Doctors Want Parents To Know

We asked several Delaware Valley pediatricians what they'd like to tell every mom and dad. Here's what they said.

Bipolar's Alarming Increase

Is it real, or just better recognition and diagnosis?

Diet and Sleep: They're Connected

Regardless of age, when and what we eat can affect how much rest we get.

Decode Your Child's Cold

Here’s what you need to know to decipher your child’s cold symptoms and the best ways to handle them.

When Is It Okay To Delay Braces?

Most treatments can be delayed, but cross bites, buck teeth or incorrect positioning should be addressed, say orthodontists

Help Kids Cope with Acne Anxiety

Insecurity about appearance is common for tweens and teens. Here's how parents can help.

'Bud' Earphones Are Dangerous!

These small earphones are a main culprit in the shocking increase in teen hearing loss, now estimated to affect 1 in 5 U.S. kids ages 12-19.

Are Alternative Remedies Safe?

Many are, say experts. With some, though, use caution.

Vaccines: What Are the Side Effects?

Not all parents are confident in vaccinations. Here are the most common reactions to vaccines against 14 diseases, as reported by major health organizations.

Your Family Favorite Doctors

Why you like them: Care, Communication, Compassion and Convenience

Summer Bites and Stings

Here's how to manage summer itches and ouches — and when you should get help.

Asthma: The Focus Is on Control

With no single cause to pursue for a cure, in recent years the medical emphasis has been on controlling asthma. Here's what parents need to know.

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