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5 Lunches Kids Love

Five packed lunches that kids will enjoy eating at school.

Kid's Best Friend

A safety guide to help kids read dogs, to prevent dog bites and allay dog fears.

‘Gold’ eye in photos signals danger

The digital picture reflection can give parents early warning for 15 diseases and cancer.

Start Early with Bike Helmets

As soon as children begin riding a tricycle, parents should buy them a bicycle helmet to prevent head injuries.

Should We Worry About Chemicals?

Concern grows over lax laws and endocrine disruption in kids and pregnant women.

What Are BPA and Phthalates?

Are these chemicals dangerous to children? How can you avoid them?

Baby Safety Products for $100 or Less

The cost of caution keeps coming down. Here's a sampling of modestly priced, widely available products

5 Tips to Fight Indoor Allergies

Some 62% of allergy patients suffer symptoms from indoor allergens. Here's how you can reduce the effects of dust mites, mold, pet dander and other indoor allergy culprits.

How To Toddler-Proof Your Home

As natural explorers, toddlers are injury magnets. A recent study found that childhood injuries peak at 15 to 17 months of age. To keep your fearless adventurer safe and sound, use these toddler-proofing tactics.

Little Steps Lead to a Green Home

If enough people take small measures to "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," it can make a big impact.

A Spore To Abhor

Mold’s thousands of species can spell trouble for your family’s health and property.
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