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Find Field Trips and Enrichment programs for schools, groups and home-school parents.

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Archive »Field Trips

Find an Overnight Field Trip

Several venues in and around Philadelphia host overnight field trips for schools or other groups.

Captivated Audiences

Chaperones Wanted!

Nature programs align with evolving standards

Today’s nature field trips have become closely aligned with state curricular objectives in advance of “next generation” national science standards expected to be announced later this year.
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Archive »Assemblies & Enrichment

Best Summer/Fall 2019 Festivals

The best festivals, historical battle reenactments and summer theatre coming to Philly, the Main Line, New Jersey and Delaware during summer/fall 2019.

Bring the Zoo to You

It’s Elemental

How to Host an Assembly in 5 Easy Steps

Assemblies and in-class workshops bring the wider world to your school, broadening your students’ horizons without their ever having to leave the premises.

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