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Year of the Sheep

Celebrate Lunar New Year 2015 with local events and your kid's Chinese horoscope.

Babies who arrive after Feb. 19 — the date that ushers in Lunar New Year 2015 — will fall under the Chinese zodiac sign of the SHEEP (or goat, or ram, depending on translation and interpretation). That means they (along with kids born in 2003) tend to be confident, nonjudgmental, artistic and somewhat fussy.

The Chinese zodiac travels in a 12-year cycle. Check for your kids’ birth years and see how closely their personalities mesh with the traits associated with their animals. 

Then, click here to find local events that celebrate the Chinese New Year!


(1996, 2008) 

Creative problem-solver, intuitive, crafty, a bit opportunistic


(1997, 2009)

Gentle yet physically strong, independent, logical, honest


(1998, 2010)

Aggressive, courageous, noble, a bit short-tempered and selfish


(1999, 2011)

Ambitious, attractive, good judge of character, talented


(2000, 2012)

Gifted, a leader, powerful, anxious


(2001, 2013)

Intellectual, passionate, analytical, sometimes feared


(2002, 2014)

Playful, smart, popular, moody



Original, practical, curious, good sense of humor



Conscientious, brave, busy, precise



Loyal, compassionate, trusted, stubborn



Courageous, trusting, reliable, loner


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