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Why Some Local Schools Dropped AP Classes

Students stress over AP tests prompts some high schools to back off.

How to Help Twice Exceptional Learners Succeed

Students who are gifted and have a special need, such as ADHD, can feel frustrated, but parents and schools can help them live up to their potential.

How to Avoid Empty Nest Syndrome

That "they don't need me" feeling starts in high school.

Reviving a Favorite Book

How we can connect with kids through a good book.

Philly Museums Make It Easy for Teens to Visit

Teaching coding to kids

More schools are starting to teach forms of computer science to kids at a young age so they can benefit from the skills it helps them develop.

How to Spot Bullying

Figuring out whether or not your child is a victim of bullying can be a difficult task.

Are teens too old to trick-or-treat on Halloween?

Bully Prevention and the Cyber-School Advantage

Agora provides solutions that protect youth at high risk for bullying and enable them to overcome the trauma.

Early Action vs. Early Decision

Which is right for your college-bound senior?

Should You Let Your Kid See the Movie Eighth Grade?

Girls Build Robots in TechGirlz Camp at Villanova

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