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Archive »High School

Maximize the Tutoring Experience

Determine whether center-based, online or private tutoring is right for your child.

Calculator Calculations

Choose the right calculator for your student.

Top Colleges for B & C Students

Competition to get into elite universities is fierce. But students who fall short of straight A's have excellent options.

How to Stop Procrastinating

How parents help kids beat procrastination

Summer Vacation + College Tour

How to combine summer vacation with a college tour

Ace the Common App

How to fill out the Common App to get into the college of your dreams

Stay Ahead of Senioritis

How to help college-bound seniors get their college prep done early, before senioritis hits

How to Apply for and Win College Scholarships

8 steps to securing scholarships for college

College Savings Strategies

The best college savings strategies, from a 529 to rebate programs

Study Skills

Expert tips to teach kids good study habits and how to stop cramming for a test.

Dorm Life

Recent graduates of local universities give us an insider's look at college dorm life.

Homeschool Graduation

Personalize the pomp and circumstance for a homeschool graduation.
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