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American Swedish Historical Museum

  • History Museums & Sites

Essential Information

1900 Pattison Ave.
Phila., PA 19145


The oldest Swedish Museum in the United States showcases contributions of Swedes to American society, such as a log cabin style of architecture from early settlers or the construction of the Monitor ship by John Ericsson in the Civil War. You can step inside a stuga 19th century Swedish farmhouse interior. In a special exhibit on Swedish foods through January 2011, families can smell spices and fold decorative napkins. Admission for both students and adults is $4 each. For every 5 students, one adult is admitted for free. Minimum of 15 students.

For current exhibits see http://www.metrokids.com/MetroKids/Attractions-and-Events/Attractions-Guide/index.php/name/American-Swedish-Historical-Museum/listing/29608/

Additional Information

Website: http://www.americanswedish.org

E-mail Address: info@americanswedish.org

State: PA

County: PA - Philadelphia

For SpecialKids: Wheelchair Accessible

1 All Ages/Families
3 Elementary School Age
4 Middle School & Teens

Extra Information: See Pipi Longstocking's kid-lit kitchen, horse and dress-up trunk.

Grades for Field Trips:
A Early Ed / Preschool
B K-2
C 3-5
D 6-8
E 9-12

Field Trip Phone Number: 215-389-1776

Field Trip Website: http://www.americanswedish.org/frames...

Field Trip E-mail: education@americanswedish.org

Primary Category: History Museums & Sites

Description: Showcases contributions of Swedes to American society.

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