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African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey

  • History Museums & Sites

Essential Information

661 Jackson Rd.
Dr. Martin Luther King Center
Newtonville, NJ 8346

This museum evolved from the personal collection of its founder Ralph Hunter. Today, it encompasses thousands of artifacts Ñ drawings, paintings, advertisements, household items & other objects that offer glimpses into African American culture, past and present. See slave posters, read stories about Aunt Jemima & check out an original copy of the 1899 childrenÕs book Little Black Sambo, HunterÕs first museum acquisition.

Additional Information

Website: www.aahmsnj.org

State: NJ

County: NJ - Outlying Areas

Free Admission?: Free

1 All Ages/Families
3 Elementary School Age
4 Middle School & Teens
5 Parents

Grades for Field Trips:
B K-2
C 3-5
D 6-8
E 9-12

Unpaid Blurb: Drawings, paintings, advertisements & household items.

Primary Category: History Museums & Sites

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