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First-time bus ride jitters?

These tips can help ease the anxiety for both you and your child.

My kid got a 'bad teacher'!

If you're concerned about your child's new teacher, here's how to identify your concerns and address them.

Help Your Son Gain Reading Skills

Boys seem to have much more trouble learning to read than girls do. Here's how parents can help their sons develop reading skills.

Multiplication Tables: A Key Skill

Kids who don't learn their multiplication facts have difficulty with later courses such as algebra. Here's how to help them learn.

Make Elementary Homework Fun

Homemade games can make it fun to practice counting coins, spelling and vocabulary.

How Schools Decide a Kid Is Gifted

Schools use IQ tests and a variety of other techniques to identify students as "gifted."

Head Start on a Second Language

You don’t need to wait until your child reaches middle school to begin world language instruction.

8 Tips for Elementary School Success

How can you most effectively nurture your budding young student? Here are educators’ tips for elementary school success.

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