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Elementary Cyber Option Prepares Students for a Lifetime of Success

There are many reasons parents give for not choosing to send their children to a brick-and-mortar school — safety worries, bullying issues, special education needs, athletics/extra-curricular dreams or mainstream schooling not meeting a child’s advanced intellectual needs, to name a few. For these parents, cyber school offers another educational option, especially if their students are just starting out along their educational journeys.

The key to all that Agora Cyber Charter School offers is its dedication to supporting its students on an individualized basis. “The partnership between teachers, family coaches and the parents/guardians who are the learning coaches is incredible and crucial to the development of students,” said Jansen Hornbake, Elementary School Principal. “Unlike most other cyber programs, Agora focuses on live classroom instruction, and ensures the learning coaches are supported.’’ 

Agora also offers specialists for reading and math, thus supporting students when assistance is needed, and each student receives Personal Learning Time, enabling additional assistance to be administered. Focusing on the fundamentals of reading and math early on — combined with starting cyber school early — set the stage for a strong lifetime of learning.

“When you start a child at cyber school in kindergarten, they learn the processes, procedures and experiences which lay the foundation for their academic career ahead,” said Kristie Hawk, Elementary School Assistant Principal. “By the time they graduate, they are better prepared to enter a post-secondary world and, thanks to an early focus on careers, they are primed for great success.”

Many prospective cyber charter parents are fearful that their children will not receive the same experiences offered by brick-and-mortar schools. This could not be further from the truth. Agora Day Outs bring students together at events across the state and “get up and dance” breaks encourage movement and activity throughout the day for the younger students. The Agora online experience and opportunities offered easily match and oftentimes exceed those offered at any other school. To find out how your child can exceed at Agora, go to agora.org or call 844-462-4672.

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