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Education Guide

Rosemont School of the Holy Child

Thomas G. Lengel, Head of School

  • Independent School

Essential Information

1344 Montgomery Ave.
Rosemont, PA 19010


Students develop leadership skills in 21st-century classrooms, based on the progressive Holy Child education model of Cornelia Connelly. 98% of grads accepted at first-choice high schools. Johns Hopkins Scholars exceed national norms. The school has achieved 35 league athletic titles over nine years.

Additional Information

Website: http://www.rosemontschool.org

Select State: PA

County: Montgomery

Grades of School:

Gender: Coed

Enrollment: 300

Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Students per teacher: 8:1

Tuition: $6,350-$21,140

Financial aid offered?: yes

Technology programs, what grade offered?: Computer classes grades 1-8; 1:1 program, 5-8; Maker Space, programming, 3-6; iPads in early childhood; ratio of devices to students: 1.5:1

Standardized test scores: High proficiency

World languages taught and year in which instruction begins: Spanish-PK

Extracurriculars offered:
Academic/literary clubs
Community service
Instrumental music
Visual arts
Vocal music

School climate (what are you known for?):
Academic rigor
Community service
Warm community

Some special needs accommodated>: no

Summer program?: yes

updated_2015: no