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Philadelphia-Montgomery Christian Academy

Donald B. Beebe, Head of School

  • Independent School

Essential Information

35 Hillcrest Ave.
Erdenheim, PA 19038


Excellent education from a Christian world and life view; educating children of Christian families since 1943.

Additional Information

Website: http://www.phil-mont.com

Select State: PA

County: Montgomery

Grades of School:

Gender: Coed

Enrollment: 260 (90 elementary, 44 middle)

Religious affiliation: Christian

Students per teacher: 15:1

Tuition: K-5 $10,999; 6-8 $12,435; 9-12 $14,085

Financial aid offered?: yes

Technology programs, what grade offered?: Computer class: K-12; all grade levels

College prep: # of AP/Honors/IB courses offered: 4 AP, 20 honors

Cum. SAT scores (math / reading / writing): 1710

Standardized test scores: High proficiency

World languages taught and year in which instruction begins: German-9; Spanish-9

Extracurriculars offered:
Academic/literary clubs
Community service
Honor society
Instrumental music
Visual arts
Vocal music

School climate (what are you known for?):
Academic rigor
Athletic prowess
Community service
Student leadership
Unique curriculum
Warm community

Some special needs accommodated>: no

Summer program?: yes

updated_2015: yes

HS Short Description: Coed college prep school provides excellent education from a Christian world & life view. 7 boys' & 7 girls' varsity teams; wide range of extracurricular activities.