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Malvern Preparatory School

Christian M. Talbot, Head of School

  • Independent School

Essential Information

418 S. Warren Ave.
Malvern, PA 19355


Independent Catholic boys' college prep school committed to Augustinian values of truth, unity and love. Malvern Prep is inspired by a deep sense of mission, a bold vision for the future and a constant drive to explore and excel. Outstanding opportunities in athletics, arts and service.

Additional Information

Website: http://www.malvernprep.org

Select State: PA

County: Chester

Grades of School:

Gender: Boys

Enrollment: 645

Religious affiliation: Augustinian Catholic

Students per teacher: 16-20

Tuition: $27,600-$28,100 (Middle School), -$31,200 (Upper School)

Financial aid offered?: yes

Technology programs, what grade offered?: Tech woven through curriculum; classes in 9th grade

College prep: # of AP/Honors/IB courses offered: 17 AP; 30 Honors

Cum. SAT scores (math / reading / writing): 1590-1940

Standardized test scores: High proficiency

World languages taught and year in which instruction begins: Spanish-6, Mandarin-8; Latin-8

Extracurriculars offered:
Academic/literary clubs
Community service
Honor society
TV show
Visual arts

School climate (what are you known for?):
Academic rigor
Athletic prowess
Community service
Student leadership
Warm community

HS Short Description: Independent Catholic boys' college prep school committed to the Augustinian virtues of truth, unity & love. Outstanding athletics, arts, academics & Christian service programs.

Extracurriculars offered:
Community service

updated_2015: yes

Updated 2016: yes

High School Specifics: 100% college advancement.

Some special needs accommodated>: no

Summer program?: yes