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Kimberton Waldorf School

Mary Echlin

  • Independent School

Essential Information

410 W. Seven Stars Rd..
Kimberton, PA 19442


Additional Information

Website: http://www.kimberton.org

Select State: PA

County: Chester

Grades of School:
High School
Middle School

Gender: Coed

Enrollment: 320

Students per teacher: Elementary: 21, Secondary: 22

Tuition: $1,400-$20,375

% Receiving financial aid: 34%

Total financial aid given: $1 million

% of graduates attending college: 95%

Avg. SAT scores (math / reading / writing): 540-660/510-630/550-620

Accommodates some students with special needs?: no

Extended day mornings, afternoons or both?: afternoons

Offers summer camp, program or school?: yes

Does the school have a uniform or uniform dress code?: code

World languages taught and year in which instruction begins: German-1; Spanish-1

Points of distinction: Gardening, outdoor education, organic lunch program. Foreign exchange, senior projects, sports, fine & practical arts including music, orchestra, chorus ,painting, drama, sculpture & fiber arts

Services offered: Summer camp; 4 boys', 4 girls' varsity sports teams; service learning begins in grade 9.

Update 2015-16: yes

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