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Give a Shout-Out to a Doctor or Dentist Who Provides Good Care

Has your child's pediatrician, dentist or specialist provided good care? The opinions of other parents can be helpful when you're looking for a new health care professional. Here's a chance to let other parents know that you've had a positive experience.

It's easy. Just complete the form below and the doctor or dentist you recommend will automatically be listed in a Delaware Valley's Favorite Kids' Docs feature that MetroKids will publish in an upcoming issue. We will include your comments, along with your first name and hometown.

Did the doctor help your child in a special way? Can you get an appointment quickly if you child has an earache? Is the waiting room clean and child-friendly? Whatever the reason for your choice, your recommendation will provide important information for other parents to consider.

Delaware Valley's Favorite Kids' Docs is a "Family Favorites" feature, in which readers share recommendations and ideas. When published, recommendations may be edited.

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Note: We will publish selected comments, attributed to the nominator's first name and hometown,
(for example, "Dr. Jones has provided high-quality care for my children. He is kind and they trust
him," says Emma, from Cherry Hill, NJ).