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Which Class Matches Your Child?

Here's how parents can find after-school and weekend classes that fit their child's temperament and inclinations.

The Best Activities for Special Needs

Experts in several special needs areas recommend especially beneficial extracurricular activities.

More than Just Horsing Around

Horseback riding offers kids exercise, balance & coordination and a 6-foot friend. Here's a listing of Delaware Valley horse riding and lesson providers.

Head Start on a Second Language

You don’t need to wait until your child reaches middle school to begin world language instruction.

Dance Trends: Hip-Hop and Modern

In many dance classes, kids are trading ballet shoes for sneakers.

While Junior Takes a Class, Why Don't You?

A growing number of Delaware Valley activity providers are scheduling classes for adults to coincide with kids’ lessons.

The Littlest Learners

The infant and toddler brain is like a sponge. A well-run class can provide a first group learning experience and a chance to discover and explore.
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