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The Cost of Kids' Classes









Is your child asking to start piano lessons or take a dance class? Before you commit, learn the average costs for these kids’ classes in the Delaware Valley. 


Classes usually last an hour to an hour-and-a-half once a week for 8-10 weeks. Most class fees include materials.

Ceramics: $11-$25/hour

Drawing/painting: $10-$20/hour

Mixed media: $8-$20/hour 


Costs reflect one lesson per week. Some dance studios do not require a recital fee.


Lessons: $300 for 5 months

Ballet shoes: $15+

Jazz shoes: $20+

Leotard: $10+

Recital fee: $125 


Lessons: $16/hour

Leotard: $20+

Horseback riding

Lessons: $35/half hour

Boots: $35+

Breeches: $15+

Helmet: $30+

Show Jacket: $50+

Karate & mixed martial arts

Lessons: $25/week

Uniform: $25+


Most instructors schedule music lessons for a half-hour or hour once a week.


Piano: $15+/hour

Trumpet: $35+/hour

Clarinet: $30+/hour

Flute: $30+/hour



Buy new: $95+
Buy used: $14+
Rent: $11-$27/month


Buy new: $109+
Buy used: $39+
Rent: $11-$25/month

Piano: $350+


Buy new: $100+
Buy used: $50+
Rent: $11-$30/month 

Meredith Strom is an English major at Drexel University and a co-op intern at MetroKids.

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