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Splash Pads & Spraygrounds

In Philly, the Pennsylvania suburbs, New Jersey and Delaware

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Athletic Recreation Center
Address: 1401-55 N. 26th St., Philadelphia, PA 19121
Phone: 215-978-2709
Features: Pool, two baseball fields, three sports fields, six basketball courts, no membership fee; pay per program
Hours: 10am-8pm (daily when rec center is open)

Awbury Recreation Center
Address: 6101 Ardleigh St., Philadelphia, PA 19138
Phone: 215-685-2895
Features: Pool, sprayground, sports field, two ball fields, two basketball courts, two handball courts, twelve tennis courts, baseball field 

Capitolo Playground
Address: 900 Federal St., Philadelphia, PA 19147
Features: Water sprinkler, ample swings, ride-on animals, extensive rec center facilities, fields, courts

Clemente Park Playground
Address: 1800 Wallace St., Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone: 215-685-2760
Features: Sprayground, benches, night lights, dog friendly, playing field, baseball diamond, basketball courts, two different playgrounds segemented by age
Hours: 11am-7pm (daily when rec center is open)

Ferko Playground
Address: 1101 E. Cayuga St., Philadelphia, PA 19124
Phone: 215-685-1224
Features: Sprayground, rec center, tree-filled park, ballfield
Hours: 11am-7pm (daily when rec center is open)

Francis Myers Recreation Center
Address: 5801 Kingsessing Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19143
Features: Water sprayer, pool, grassy fields, baseball diamond, basketball courts, tennis courts

Herron Playground
Address: 2nd & Reed St., Philadelphia, PA 
Phone: 215-685-1884
Features: Sprayground, bathrooms, basketball courts, tables with benches and awnings
Hours: 11am-7pm (daily when rec center is open)

Mander Playground
Address: 2140 N. 33rd St., Philadelphia, PA 19121
Features: Pair of seals = crossed water sprayers, picnic tables, basketball court, large ball field, muraled rec center, tennis court, pool

Markward Recreation Center/Taney Park
Address: 400 S. Taney St., Philadelphia, PA 19146
Features: Sprayground, soccer fields, street parking, bathrooms, dog park, trail, tennis courts, basketball courts, open cement play areas (four-square), tables, softball field, shaded field

Mill Creek Playground
Address: 4700 Brown St., Philadelphia, PA 19139
Features: Spray pad, picnic tables, ball field, basketball court

Mt. Airy Playground
Address: 7001 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19119
Features: Water feature, picnic tables, baseball field, basketball courts, shaded porch on rec center, grassy field, cement tables, rec center

Northern Liberties Recreation Center
Address: 321 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: 215-686-1785
Features: Water sprayer, basketball court, pool

Parkside Evans Playground
Address: 5300 Parkside Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19131
Features: Sprayground, grass, shade, picnic tables, benches, basketball court, eight tennis courts

Shissler Recreation Center
Address: 1800-56 Blair St., Philadelphia, PA 19125
Phone: 215-685-9888
Features: Sprayground, rec center, basketball courts, large baseball field, no membership fee

Seger Park
Address: 1020 Lombard St., Philadelphia, PA 19147
Features: Mini splash park, two basketball courts, two tennis courts (must be tennis club member), dog park, playground

Sister Cities Park 
Address: 18th St. & Logan Square, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: 215-440-5500
Features: new cafe, boat pond, educational garden, commemorative fountain, Children's Discovery Garden, boat pond, scalable rocks, stream

Shepard Recreation Center
Address: 5700 Haverford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19131
Features: Sprayground, pool, baseball field, tennis court, basketball court, large grassy area, picnic tables, rec center

Shot Tower Playground
Address: 131 Carpenter St., Philadelphia, PA 19147
Features: Single water sprayer in a round pool, picnic tables, ball field, benches, rec center

Smith Playground
Address: 24th & Snyder St., Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 215-685-1898
Features: Spray pad, two basketball courts, large sports fields, large park, rec center
Hours: 11am-7pm (daily when rec center is open)

Starr Garden Playground
Address: 600-44 Lombard St., Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone: 215-686-1782
Features: Water sprinkler, ball field, two basketball courts

Waterview Recreation Center
Address: 5826 McMahon St., Philadelphia, PA 19144
Phone: 215-685-2229
Features: Sprayground (reserved for children 6-12 yrs old), two baseball diamonds, two outdoor basketball courts, two playgrounds with swings, slides and climbing equipment

West Mill Creek Playground
Address: 5100 Parish St., Philadelphia, PA 19139
Features: Spray ground, swings, play set, picnic tables, ball field, basketball court

10th & Mt. Vernon Playground
Address: 10th St. & Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia, PA 19123
Features: Basketball court, water pool, murals

48th & Woodland Park/Comegys Sprayground
Address: 1414 S. 47th St., Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 215-685-2692
Features: Sprayground, basketball courts, baseball field, large grass field, blacktop area, picnic tables
Hours: 11am-7pm (daily when rec center is open)

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