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August 2014 Contest

It's all about the back-to-school swag!


Are You Ready? Game

Is your student ready for the coming academic year? Find out with Lakeshore Learning’s Are You Ready? Game ($29.99 value), available for grades K-5. A quiz-show format lets kids earn pretend cash for each correctly answered question. After, parents can go online for an instant assessment based on missed questions to pinpoint help-needed areas and print out skill-building activities.

The winner will get to select which grade level game they would like.

Enter to win!



School Gear Kits

A one-stop solution for back-to-school supplies, Blum’s School Gear Kits* ($29.95 value) bundle common items from teacher lists on a grade-appropriate basis — for students K-1, 2-4 and 5-8. Complete with storage areas and a durable case, the kit helps kids stay organized and prepared. We've got a kit for each grade grouping to give away!

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***Note: Winners of the Blum School Gear Kits must be able to pick up their prize from MetroKids' Center City office location.


Lunch Bunch Bundle

They’ll always have a friend in the cafeteria with this lunch bunch bundle ($30.99 value). It features an insulated, animal-faced Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies Bag (the winner will be able to select which animal they would like) as well as Squeeze’Ems Reusable Food Pouches and Pack’Ems Reusable Snack Bags, for quick, easy, durable snack-packing.

Enter to win!


LockerLookz Bundle

Let your child’s inner interior designer loose with a LockerLookz Bundle* ($29.98+ value). Our blue bundle will make her storage space pop! It includes chic paneled wallpaper, a plush white fur rug and funky accessories like a battery-operated jeweled chandelier, magnetic shelf, pencil bin and decorative flower.

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***Note: Winner of the LockerLookz Bundle must be able to pick up their prize from MetroKids' Center City office location.


And Don't Forget...

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Every month MetroKids gives away goodies in a random drawing.

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August 2014 Win it! prizes
Are You Ready? Game (Winner chooses the grade level)
School Gear Kit, Grades K-1
School Gear Kit, Grades 2-4
School Gear Kit, Grades 5-8
Lunch Bunch Bundle
LockerLookz Bundle

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