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Sensory Processing Disorder

A starkly real condition lacks recognition as a diagnosis — with a photo essay by Brian Mengini, The Faces of SPD.

Unstuck: Escaping OCD's Grip

Strategies include freeing the mind from obsessions and compulsive behavior. Viruses sometimes cause the disorder.

Pediatric Cancer Research Advances

Scientists have made tremendous progress in understanding the basic genetics of cancer — why some kids get it and some don't.

Parents Offer ADHD Advice

On the MetroKids Facebook page and at the support website DailyStrength, we asked parents of kids with ADHD for suggestions to other parents. Here’s what they said.

Bipolar's Alarming Increase

Is it real, or just better recognition and diagnosis?

Asthma: The Focus Is on Control

With no single cause to pursue for a cure, in recent years the medical emphasis has been on controlling asthma. Here's what parents need to know.

Cerebral Palsy Research Update

Researchers, both in Delaware and nationally, are making strides in the prevention and treatment of cerebral palsy.

Does Your Child Have Dyslexia?

Here are warning signs that your child might have dyslexia, a reading disbility that affects 15-20 percent of the U.S. population.
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