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Great Plants for a Child's Garden

A child's starter garden will thrive with these easy-to-grow plants, herbs and veggies.

Spring Is Kite-Flying Season!

These basics, plus tips from meteorologist David Murphy, will get your child's kite airborne.

10 All-Time Great Family DVDs

Critics differ, but these 10 DVDs, organized by age group, are among the greatest all-time family movies.

Kids' Tech Habits Need Balance

Facebook, texting, video games, YouTube — are they making our kids dumb? Rewiring their brains? Enabling them or distracting them?

Toy Test 2010

The results are in! The top 20 Mom-approved toys of the holiday season.

A Summer Fitness Game Plan

Here are tips to build a healthy summer children's routine that incorporates interactive media in moderation.

The Evolving Art of the Play Date

There are no "official rules" for play dates. These tips will help parents form their own guidelines.

Scary Stuff

Here's how to manage scary movies, books and adventures, plus a list of top scary movies for kids.
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