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Home Life

The Benefits of Solitude and Quiet

Alone time can help moms recharge.

You Don’t Have to Go Solo

Support for single mothers is growing. More than 80% of single parents in the U.S. are mothers, and all of them need help.

The Best New Kindie Music

If one artist’s work forms the roots of independent kids’ music (aka “kindie”), that artist is Raffi.

One-Stop Pediatrics

Physical and mental health impact one another and recently, there’s been a move to patient-centered pediatric care. For children experiencing anxiety, behavior problems or more significant mental disorders each year, timely access to a mental health professional can alleviate a serious issue.

Job Flexibility for Work-Life Balance

Working parents can benefit from flexible work arrangements that leave room for family life. Here's how to ask the boss.

DIY Crafts

DIY crafts websites that teach and inspire

Pick Your Best Pet

How to decide which pet is the best match for your family

Meet Our CoverKid: Nicole N.

All about CoverKids Readers' Choice winner Nicole N.
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