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Look up how your school district is rated on New Jersey's School Performance Reports

The reports used to show only individual school ratings.

Winter Fun, February 20: Click Here to Enter to Win!

Today's giveaway is tailor-made for you! Enter to win a FREE $25 gift certificate to Bowfish Kids!

Clear aligners a popular alternative to braces

New technology is making straightening teeth less visible, faster

Mystery, food-to-table, service-learning, gardening camps are hot

Have a look at the camp trends for this year.

How to Teach Your Kids to Save Money

Tips for When Mom's Under the Weather

Tips for taking care of the family when mom needs to take a sick day.

Send kids on an expedition of self-discovery

Choosing a summer adventure camp for your children gives them the opportunity to discover themselves.

Exceptional Entrepreneurs

These parents started businesses to provide work experience for their special-needs children.
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