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Food & Nutrition


Taken off breastfeeding or formula, some toddlers refuse cow's milk. The problem is the potential for a vitamin D or calcium deficiency.

Mom, I Want To Be a Vegetarian!

Here's how to support teens when they choose a vegetarian diet, including ways to make sure they get adequate nutrition.

Are Energy Drink Safe for Kids?

There are now at least 200 energy drinks on the market. But is it a good idea for kids or parents to get an energy-drink buzz?

America's Salt Shake-up

Sodium is under fire as a nutrition no-no. These tips can help you reduce your family's salt intake.

5 Healthy Kids' Snack Tricks

Many snacks are prime sources of extra sugar and fats. Providing appealing, nutritious treats can reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

Say Cheese!

Americans love cheese, but most cheeses are high in calories and fat. Here are tips to fit cheese into a healthy diet.

Former Food Villains Get 2nd Chance

Foods and ingredients once seen as unhealthy, including cheese, white bread and red meat, can fit into a healthy diet.

Fiber Facts

In addition to its health benefits, fiber can help control kids’ weight.
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