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Food & Nutrition

Vitamin D: Let the Sunshine In

Learn why vitamin D is so important to women's health and how to get the recommended dosage in sunlight and supplement form.

Seek Nutritional Facts – Avoid Fad Diets

A key to any healthy diet is to avoid miracle foods, unrealistic weight loss guarantees and diet scams. Learn how to find the best diet for you and identify diet myths and bad nutritional information.

Food safety myths and facts

Most cases of foodborne illness result from improper food handling and preparation. To increase your family’s odds of eating safely, learn about these food myths.

Easy, fast and healthy dinners

Looking for creative ways to get a healthy meal on the table fast? Delivery services such as Fresh Direct are one answer for busy parents.

Listen first, then talk about weight

Experts say understand how your child feels about herself first, and armed with that knowledge, together you can discuss weight issues.

Dine out stress-free (sort of)

These mom-tested tips for eating with kids at a restaurant include menus, timing, tables versus booths and ambiance.

Food allergies on the rise

An average of two kids in each class class probably have an allergy. Most common are milk, eggs, wheat, soy, nuts, fish and shellfish.

Join the school cafeteria revolution

Here's how parents can get involved in promoting healthier food at their child’s school or district.
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